UMAT is a skilled based exam designed to assess students’ critical thinking, problem solving, understanding people and abstract nonverbal reasoning skills. This exam is only for high school students who have completed year 12 and are looking to study something in the field of medicine. You will need extensive exposure to UMAT and their unique exam style to ace the exam. Do you have an exam game plan? Here are a few tips that will help you on the UMAT exam.


Be attentive

Some students may decide to target questions of a similar style before they move on the questions of a different style e.g. problem solving, critical thinking. Some students like to target questions that they are comfortable with first and tackling the rest afterwards. However you should remain attentive if you use this method because you need to make sure your answers are marked correctly in your answer sheet if you’re not doing them in order. Do many practise papers and find out which method suits you!.

Link to some past papers:

  1. MedEntry
  2. Prepgenie
  3. Matrix


Your List of Skills

When you do past papers, try to list down your own tips and tricks to remind you that such methods exist! When you tackle a UMAT exam question you are not sure about, then you can refer back to your skills list to see if any apply at all to help you solve the questions. Right before you head into the exam, just make sure to brush over your list of skills.  


The Race Against Time

Any exam, including the UMAT Exam should be taken in timed conditions to be effective towards the student. You will have 3 hours to complete 134 questions, so you will need to make sure that you have enough time to tackle as many questions as possible. Many students have a mental countdown in their head per question (approximately 1 minute and 20 seconds), but this is not practical because some questions require less time and some require more time. This is because some questions will be much more difficult than others. There are also many styles and types of questions such as reading questions, multiple choice questions etc.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses in order to tackle the UMAT exam in your own way and thus to your own advantage. One method to improve your weaknesses would be to get together with friends who are also taking part in the UMAT exam and make sure your group successfully explains and understands every question. Teamwork is a recipe for success and a huge benefit for everyone in the group. Or you can choose to do many past papers, asking your school teachers and even going online for help. Getting familiar with many questions is good experience and you may think questions are much easier than they seem or vice versa. You might find that in a UMAT exam, questions are there for the same purpose but reworded differently with different statistics or characters. Overall, the goal is to see past the surface of the question.


Take Care Of Yourself!

Make sure you and your friends are eating full meals of nutritious brain foods in exam periods to maximise all of your full potentials whilst also reducing the amount of stress you will have to endure! Keeping this type of diet may be hard all year round but be sure to use everything to your advantage to increase your study load and cope with stress naturally with a full stomach and an optimistic attitude!


Be Prepared and Arrive Early!

It is best to be punctual and so, arriving to your exam early is highly recommended. This gives you a chance to mentally prepare yourself for the exam. If you were to arrive late or just scrape by for the exam, surely you would be rushed, worried about arriving on time and stressed! You would not have the time to sit down and recap on your exam tips and tricks to target the UMAT Exam, in this case, you are at a disadvantage. Also remember to have a proper breakfast!


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