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Michael Italiano

How can I help you in the HSC Sciences?

Our aim is to inspire students to become world class problem solvers and excellent communicators. We do this by breaking down problems into their core elements.

Michael Italiano

Michael Italiano

Things to know about me:

  • HSC Physics State Rank (HSC Mark of 97)

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering/Masters of Biomedical Engineering

  • I teach Chemistry and Physics

Locations: Castle Hill

Hey Guys!

With the 2017 HSC exams coming up, I’ve developed a 7-week program tailored for HSC Chemistry and Physics students which provides you with the exact resources and guidance you need for a high band 6.

Having achieved a state ranking in this subject in 2015, I have developed a highly advance grasp of Economics which I will pass onto you. I go beyond the textbook in my sessions, equipping you with nuanced knowledge to make your short answer and essay responses stand out.

Furthermore, I’ll be focusing heavily on exam technique which is what fundamentally sets you apart. You’ll learn the framework to perfect short answers along with extensive coverate of suggested essay + report structures for the likely questions that will appear in the 2017 HSC exam.

I encourage you to look through the rest of this page to see exactly what I can offer and please do not hesitate to get in touch and send an enquiry if you want to find out more!

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