Your HSC Year will be one of the most stressful times of your life. Whether you are only starting your preliminary course (Year 11) or you have already started your HSC Course (Year 12), Here are a few tips and secrets to help you through the year!



Plan ahead and plan effectively! At the start of each term, use your school diary/planner and plan what you intend to do each week in terms of writing notes, doing practise papers, assignments and of course homework! Set deadlines but also remember not to stress yourself out by expecting too much from yourself!


HSC Study Notes

Make sure you are covering all subjects but also make it feel like you’re documenting your knowledge in an orderly way as you progress in the term to ensure that you are consistent. This means that you won’t need to flip through piles of worksheets and textbooks issued from classes. These study notes will be your own record of what you know and what you need to pay attention to during HSC exam periods. Writing or creating study notes will help with learning as you are not only learning to content once in class and for homework. You are also building stronger foundations by going through why the topics are essential, how it was taught and realise what is the main thing you are trying to learn from this. You can take advantage of taking notes not only by reducing your study load prior to HSC exams but also if you consistently review your notes and retain your knowledge in theory, you basically know everything inside-out!


HSC Past Papers

Do HSC past papers and exam style questions as you complete topics in school! Instead of tackling past papers right before your exam period, do it during the HSC Year! This will give you the chance to tackle challenging questions that you may be able to ace and grasp a long way before your HSC. Make sure you read marking guidelines and feedback to help you improve.


Daily study

All Year 12 students should strive to achieve around 4 hours of study a day outside of school. This includes tackling homework, assignments, making and updating notes, practising questions, doing past papers etc. From every other student’s’ experience, group study sessions can be highly beneficial for all parties because it helps reinforce knowledge, theory and exam techniques. To study efficiently and effectively, eliminate all distractions and focus on achieving your long term goals such as doing your best in the HSC.



Studying too much is not a good thing! It can stress you out and turn you off from studying altogether, you will be not be motivated, and just want to run away from the study load etc. therefore all year 11 and year 12 students must find a balance in these last two years of secondary school! Make sure you are relaxing and doing what makes you take your mind off anything study related. Also make sure you have a good night’s sleep to maximise your concentration for the next day.  


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